Best Practices for Building a Scalable and Secure Data Lake on AWS

In this session, Roy will share architectural patterns, approaches and best practices for building scalable data lakes on AWS. You will learn how to first, build a data lake and second, extend it to meet your company needs using the producer-consumer and data mesh architectural patterns. You will learn how AWS Lake Formation makes it simple to deploy these architectures by allowing you to securely share data between teams using their choice of tools, including Dremio, Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena.

Topics Covered

Amazon S3
Data Lake Storage


Roy Hasson

Roy Hasson

Roy Hasson is a Worldwide Analytics Specialist leader at Amazon Web Services, where he helps transform organizations using data, analytics and machine learning. Roy serves as an expert advisor to customers across all industries to transform their business and become a data-driven organization by building a cloud-native modern data architecture on AWS. He is also a product leader driven by the voice of the customer to guide the development of new innovative services and user experiences for AWS. Prior to AWS, Roy spent 15 years working with tier-one service providers to design and deploy large-scale data systems used to serve today’s cable modem, voice over IP and wireless data services.

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