Analyze Your Entire Cloud Data Lake in Real Time

  • Brock GriffeySolutions Architect, Dremio
  • Blair HutchinsonProduct Manager, Technology Partners - Tableau

Webinar Transcript

Session Abstract

To meet performance and data governance requirements, data teams are required to extract subsets of data from the cloud data lake and replicate it into a data warehouse. This process requires analysts to wait hours or days for business-critical data to be accessible.What if you could provide your analysts self-service access to all the pertinent data in your data lake to enable real-time business analytics?Join technical experts from Tableau and Dremio as they discuss how to enable fast access to more complete data and accelerate query performance. They’ll demonstrate how you can easily connect Tableau to your data lake with Dremio to immediately begin driving better business decisions.You’ll learn:

  • Visualize data directly on your data lake
  • Provision new datasets with consistent KPIs and business logic in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Empower analysts to create their own derivative datasets, without copies
  • Accelerate analytics queries for real-time data visualizations
  • Minimize data copies and movement to meet data governance requirements

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