A Modern Architecture for Interactive Analytics on AWS Data Lakes

  • Gabriel JakobsonSenior Solutions Architect, Dremio
  • Roy HassonSr. Manager, Business Development - Analytics and Data Lakes, AWS
  • Stephen FaigResearch Director, Unisphere Research and DBTA

Session Abstract

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Getting Started with Apache Iceberg Using AWS Glue and Dremio

Apache Iceberg tables not only address the challenges that existed with Hive tables but bring a new set of robust features and optimizations that greatly benefit data lakes. This tutorial explores how to create an Iceberg table in an AWS-based data lake using AWS Glue.

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Ten Top of Mind Challenges for Data Engineering

Data engineers play a crucial role in designing, operating, and supporting the increasingly complex environments that power modern data analytics. What are their most important challenges and how can they solve them strategically?

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A Definitive Guide to Apache Iceberg

Apache Iceberg is an open source table format for representing database tables in huge analytic datasets. Designed to overcome the limitations of Hive, it’s quickly becoming the standard for data lakes and lakehouses. Find out why so many organizations are embracing Apache Iceberg - and how you can benefit from it.

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