The Data Lakehouse: Data Warehousing and More – A Deep Dive into Data Lakehouses


Get clarity into the evolving realm of data management with Dremio's new research paper, "The Data Lakehouse: Data Warehousing and More," available on arXiv. This rigorous study clarifies overloaded terms like “data warehouse” and introduces the innovative data lakehouse concept, offering a fresh, clear perspective for businesses aiming to optimize their data strategies. The paper not only clarifies foundational data warehousing requirements and highlights the limitations of traditional RDBMS-OLAP systems but also provides a math-style proof of the enhanced capabilities of data lakehouses. Read this research paper to explore a pragmatic approach towards optimizing your data architecture, blending the robustness of RDBMS-OLAP systems with the flexibility of data lakes.

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Download the Research Paper Here

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The Apache Iceberg Advantage

An in-depth review of Apache Iceberg, an open table format for enterprise data lakes.

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Sharing a Lakehouse at Nordea Asset Management – How we’re Implementing Data Domains with Dremio

Watch Andres Bogsnes, Master Expert at Nordea Asset Management on how Nordea Asset Management journey to implement Data Domains with Dremio globally.

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Decentralizing Data Access at Galp – The role of Dremio in Driving A Data Mesh Paradigm

Galp data strategy is built upon the pillar of democratizing data access and analytics, promoting decentralization when it comes to data product development.

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