TDWI – Data Virtualization: Powering Distributed Access to Data, Analytics and Insights

It’s difficult for enterprises to manage enterprise data effectively when it’s scattered across diverse platforms, geographies, and lines of business. Data virtualization is a powerful approach for managing data sprawl while improving data application accessibility, performance, and service levels. Virtualization unifies access to dispersed, heterogeneous data assets as if they were on a single platform. Through a metadata-rich abstraction layer, it enables centralized management of data and analytics resources, workloads, and applications.

Watch James Kobielus, Senior Research Director for Data Management at TDWI and Nik Acheson, Field Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Dremio and explore how data virtualization:

  1. Provides unified, self-service access to heterogeneous data distributed across hybrid cloud, multicloud, and other complex data infrastructures.
  2. Provides a high-performance user experience across distributed data, reducing time to insight and improving reuse of analytics and data without compromising quality or security.
  3. Plays a key role in a comprehensive enterprise data and analytics modernization initiative and accelerates data democratization.
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