STACKIT and Dremio Pioneer Data Sovereignty and Accelerate AI Innovation 

May 2, 2024

Partnership meets data residency requirements by delivering a fully-managed open lakehouse platform service for German and European organizations

Subsurface Live 2024, New York, NY – May 2, 2024 - Dremio, the unified lakehouse platform for self-service analytics and AI, and STACKIT, the premier data-sovereign cloud provider in Europe and part of the IT organization within Schwarz Group, today announced a strategic partnership that provides European organizations with the first fully managed, cloud-based modern lakehouse offering capable of meeting today’s stringent data residency requirements. Unveiled at Dremio’s annual user conference, Subsurface Live, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in STACKIT's mission to expand its expertise and product range in data and AI, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in digital sovereignty across the continent of Europe.

Data residency requirements are the legal and regulatory stipulations that dictate where a company's data must physically reside. This means that physical servers hosting a business's data need to be located within a specified country or region to comply with local laws. With this partnership, STACKIT not only embraces open standards like Apache Iceberg, but also reaffirms its commitment to empowering customers with data sovereignty and freedom from vendor lock-in. By leveraging Dremio's unified lakehouse platform, STACKIT is set to revolutionize data management by enabling organizations to transition seamlessly from traditional data lakes to high-performance and agile data lakehouses. 

“Our approach to data sovereignty hinges on leveraging open standards to facilitate seamless integration with applications spanning various business domains. Dremio serves as a solid foundation for this endeavor due to its emphasis on open formats such as Apache Iceberg,” said Walter Wolf, Board Member of Schwarz IT.

Key benefits of the STACKIT-Dremio partnership include:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Customers can expect up to an 80% reduction in costs associated with analytics and AI projects thanks to Dremio's efficient data processing capabilities.
  • Faster Time to Market for Analytics and AI: With Dremio, analytics and AI projects will see a significant boost in productivity enabling organizations to complete projects 5-10x faster than conventional methods.
  • Improved Discoverability and Governance via Iceberg Data Catalog: Leveraging Git-inspired versioning, Dremio provides a robust data catalog solution that supports data integrity, governance, and traceability throughout the entire data lifecycle.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: With the ability to run on any infrastructure, Dremio offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability allowing customers to adapt to changing business needs seamlessly.

With its open lakehouse architecture, Dremio allows users to access and process data independently on the STACKIT Platform through a data lakehouse service that ensures data protection and promotes data sovereignty. Together, the two companies enable businesses to derive valuable insights from sensitive data while adhering to the highest standards of data privacy and security. Thanks to the partnership, STACKIT customers can expect a significant cost reduction, flexible and consumption-based billing options, and overall affordability in their data residency and sovereignty efforts.

"The collaboration between Dremio and STACKIT not only empowers organizations with the freedom to scale their data operations seamlessly but also ensures they can derive actionable insights from their data without constraints, no matter where the data resides. By leveraging Dremio's cloud-native architecture and STACKIT's commitment to digital sovereignty, customers can unlock the full potential of their data while maintaining control and flexibility in their cloud strategy," said Andreas Vogels, Central Europe Lead at Dremio.

The partnership between STACKIT and Dremio represents a significant step forward in driving innovation, data sovereignty, and digital leadership in Europe. Customers can look forward to accessing the new data lake house service via a private preview, with support from STACKIT's Data and AI Consulting team to guide them through the initial steps. To learn more, attend the session here or visit the preview on the STACKIT site.

About Dremio 

Dremio is the unified lakehouse platform for self-service analytics and AI, serving hundreds of global enterprises, including Maersk, Amazon, Regeneron, NetApp, and S&P Global. Customers rely on Dremio for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises lakehouses to power their data mesh, data warehouse migration, data virtualization, and unified data access use cases. Based on open source technologies, including Apache Iceberg and Apache Arrow, Dremio provides an open lakehouse architecture enabling the fastest time to insight and platform flexibility at a fraction of the cost. To learn more visit or follow the company on Linkedin


STACKIT is Schwarz Group's cloud and colocation provider. External partners and customers in the DACH region can also rely on the cloud services that Schwarz Group companies have been benefiting from for years when it comes to digital transformation. With a technical infrastructure located exclusively in Germany and Austria, STACKIT offers data sovereignty that goes far beyond the market standard. Headquartered in Neckarsulm the team is paving the way to an independent Europe - digital, leading. STACKIT belongs to the IT and digital division of Schwarz Group, Schwarz Digits. To learn more visit or follow the company on Linkedin

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