TWDI: CEO Perspective – Modern Architecture for Comprehensive BI and Analytics

January 28, 2020

How can modern enterprises scale to handle all of their data? Tomer Shiran, cofounder and CEO of Dremio, told Upside why he thinks it’s all about the data lake.

Here are some great takeaways:

  • We believe enterprises need to accelerate their modernization towards next-generation data lakes, especially in the cloud, powered by storage-agnostic SQL engines.
  • At Dremio, we helped develop a new open source project called Arrow Flight, a subproject within the Apache Arrow project, which is designed to replace ODBC and JDBC and enable applications to exchange data hundreds of times faster .
  • We believe enterprises should leapfrog the entire proprietary cloud data warehouse category and jump straight to a modern, open data lake architecture.
  • The availability of nearly unlimited compute capacity in the public cloud is enabling new, high-performance analytics solutions that can deliver a lot of value.
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