The Architect’s Guide to the New Private Cloud

July 9, 2024

For a few years there, the term “private cloud” had a negative connotation. But as we know, technology is more a wheel than an arrow, and right on cue, the private cloud is getting a ton of attention — it’s all positive.

The statistics are clear: Forrester’s 2023 Infrastructure Cloud Survey had 79% of the 1,300 enterprise decision-makers who responded saying they are implementing private clouds. According to a Citrix report in the UK, 93% of IT leaders had been involved with a repatriation effort. The venerable IDC found that 80% of companies repatriated some or all of their data within a year of moving that data to the cloud.

So much for the cloud-industrial complex’s claims of “nothing to see here.”

The reasons are varied and we will detail them, but more importantly, what is the right architecture to repatriate to? What are the engineering first principles of the private cloud? And finally, how do I design for the data infrastructure requirements of AI?

Read the full story here.

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