Snowflake catalog supports cross-engine access to Iceberg data

June 3, 2024

Snowflake Inc. is expanding its support for the Apache Iceberg open-source table format with today’s announcement of Polaris Catalog, described as a vendor-neutral, open catalog implementation for Iceberg and other data architectures.

Polaris is intended to provide centralized, cross-engine access to data. Snowflake said the catalog, which will be released to open source within the next 90 days, will give customers more flexibility and control over their data. It will have cross-engine read and write capability, strong security and interoperability with major cloud infrastructure companies, data lakehouse provider Dremio Corp. and streaming data processing firm Confluent Inc.

“Very critical to us is that we are focused on integrating with other query engines to give customers the choice to mix-and-match multiple query engines with read and write capability and without lock-in,” Christian Kleinerman, executive vice president of product at Snowflake, said in a statement ahead of Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit this week in San Francisco. “Polaris Catalog extends Snowflake’s commitment to Apache Iceberg as the open standard of choice.”

Originally developed by Netflix Inc., Iceberg has surged in popularity, with 31% of respondents to Dremio’s 2024 State of the Data Lakehouse report saying they’re using Apache Iceberg now and 29% planning to adopt it in the next three years. Among its features are the ability to evolve table schemas over time without rewrites, flexible partitioning and a feature called “time travel” that allows queries to be run against historical data.

Read the full story, via SiliconANGLE.

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