SingleStore adds Iceberg integration, improved vector search

June 28, 2024

While each of the new features adds value for SingleStore customers, the integration with Apache Iceberg stands out, according to Kevin Petrie, an analyst at BARC U.S. Apache Iceberg is now the preferred table storage format for many enterprises, and many of SingleStore's competitors already support the open source platform.

"The announcement enables SingleStore to swim with the tide, meaning it helps customers operate on Apache Iceberg," he said.

In early June during user conferences held by fellow data platform vendors Databricks and Snowflake -- along with Databricks' June 4 acquisition of Tabular to add support for Apache Iceberg -- it became clear that Apache Iceberg is the most popular table format for diverse datasets, Petrie continued.

"Other large vendors such as Microsoft also are getting on board, and Dremio has been a longtime proponent," he said.

Read the full article by Eric Avidon, via TechTarget.

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