New Dremio Report Highlights Surge in Data Lakehouse Adoption for Enhanced Cost Efficiency and Analytics

November 28, 2023

Dremio today announced the release of its survey findings and full report, The State of the Data Lakehouse, 2024. The report offers fresh insights from 500 full-time enterprise IT and data professionals on data lakehouse adoption, open table format trends, data mesh implementation for self-service analytics, and AI’s impact on the lakehouse and beyond.

Data Lakehouse Adoption Is on the Rise and Cost Savings Are Key

The data lakehouse is fast becoming the primary architecture for delivering analytics. With 65% running a majority of analytics on lakehouses now, survey respondents cited cost efficiency and ease of use as the top reasons.

  • 70% of respondents say more than half of all analytics will be on the data lakehouse within three years, and 86% said their organization plans to unify analytics data.
  • Over half (56%) expect they are saving more than 50% on analytics by moving to the data lakehouse; almost 30% of respondents from large enterprises with more than 10,000 employees expect their savings are greater than 75%.
  • 42% moved from a cloud data warehouse to the data lakehouse—more than from any other environment. Top reasons for the shift were cost efficiency and ease of use.

Open Table Formats Are Transformative and Apache Iceberg Is Quickly Gaining Momentum

Amid the generative AI frenzy, a quieter revolution has been taking place: Open table formats—a foundational component of data lakehouses—are bringing full SQL functionality directly to the data lake. This enables organizations to move away from decades-old data warehouse architectures and their associated inefficiencies.

The survey found that Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake are clearly the leading open table formats. The survey confirmed Iceberg’s growing popularity. While 39% of respondents are currently using Delta Lake, compared to 31% who are using Iceberg, 29% adopting an open table format in the next three years plan to choose Iceberg, compared to 23% for Delta Lake.

Read the full story via Datanami.

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