Momenta Partners: How Dremio’s Data Platform Helps Democratize Data Analytics

July 4, 2019

In this spotlight series podcast, Dremio’s CEO Tomer Shiran highlight the key insights and lessons on how Dremio’s data platform helps democratize data analytics.

We enjoyed this bit:

“…The performance on top of data lakes is not there, it was way too slow and inefficient for say a BI user, someone using Tableau or Power BI from Microsoft, to be able to export and analyze that data. So, that didn’t really work out. Then the third problem was that it was really designed for engineers, so it was just too hard for the typical user to take advantage of these data lakes, and companies ended up building these really complex stacks and data infrastructure.

So that was the reason for starting Dremio, we thought the goal of having data as a service, that’s the holy grail of analytics.”

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