Lakehouse Update a Warehouse Killer, Dremio Says

March 2, 2022

Dremio co-founder and Chief Product Officer Tomer Shiran says the data lakehouse architecture updates it announced today at the start of its Subsurface Winter Live conference–including a 60% faster query engine, a new data management layer built on Apache Iceberg, as well as a “forever free” tier with Dremio Cloud–should finally mark an end to the data warehouse’s long reign.

“Basically, what we’re announcing tomorrow is to make the data warehouse irrelevant,” Shiran told Datanami yesterday. “Up until now, companies have had the tradeoff. You could have more SQL like updates, inserts, and deletes and higher performance of the warehouse, or you could have more flexibility with the lake approach. You can use whatever engines you want, more future proofing.

“Now, because of this innovation we’ve done…all of that makes it so that you don’t have this tradeoff anymore,” he continued. “Now it’s a win-win. We can do everything with the lake.”

Read the full article here on datanami.

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