Forbes: Rethink Your Data Architecture To Raise The Bar On Innovation

October 18, 2021

Forbes recently wrote an article on Innovation for Data Architecture and used Dremio’s product and technology.

A highlight about Dremio from the article:

I believe what’s needed is a scalable solution that rethinks data architecture with a fundamentally different, open approach. As an example, Dremio recently launched Dremio Cloud, a SQL lakehouse platform that enables high-performing BI and analytics directly on cloud data lake storage such as AWS S3 or Microsoft Azure ADLS. It’s designed to accelerate the speed at which organizations can maximize their data at scale without requiring software or having to move or copy the data into data warehouses, marts, extracts, or cubes. Further reducing the zone of confusion between data lakes and data warehouses, to run BI and analytics directly on top of data lakes.

Built from the grounds up on open standards, Dremio’s architectural structure removes the complexity of copying and moving data, thus, provides efficient SQL workloads directly on cloud storage. This approach is one of the safest methods to store data, where businesses can keep their data in their personal vendor account. It has boosted business intelligence and analytics with a unique global control plane that directs client queries into specific engines, according to the set user-defined rules. This also allows businesses to connect BI tools to the Dremio Cloud and offer a passwordless experience. In essence, this global control plane provides a single pane of glass experience that enhances observability, ease-of-use, and management at scale.

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