Forbes: How Existing BI And Data Discovery Tools Are Supercharged By Data-as-a-Service

August 15, 2018

If you are how existing BI investments can coexist with the new model of data as a service, Forbes explains How Existing BI And Data Discovery Tools Are Supercharged By Data-as-a-Service.

We found this particular observation very interesting:

“We have more powerful new layers like graph technology, natural language generation, and other examples that can now be put on top of each other and become more powerful by doing so.

This is exactly the way that technology will exponentially grow in power. Because it’s occurring through products and not just original development like that produced by the foundational tech leaders, a wider range of companies and organizations can get in on the action. What’s crucial in understanding this paradigm is recognizing the opportunities to make any product you have more powerful by combining it with other products and the symbiotic relationships that can occur as a result.”

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