Dremio Solidifies Its Position as Premier Apache Iceberg Data Lakehouse Platform with New Ingestion Automation and Optimization Capabilities

April 10, 2024

Available immediately, the latest version reduces tedious, manual tasks critical to data management with new capabilities that include ingestion, processing, and migration. By automating Iceberg management processes, Dremio not only reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), but also enhances data team productivity and improves overall time-to-insight.

“Dremio has been a key partner in helping us build our modern data stack solution that powers our Project BI Data Lakehouse. Dremio has significantly enhanced our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers,” said Jari Vanhanen, CEO, Nova Servo Oy.

In its ongoing effort to further solidify its position as the fastest, most scalable, and easiest-to-manage Apache Iceberg lakehouse platform, Dremio has expanded the functionality and capability of its solution in three key areas:

  • Ingestion – With support for high-speed streaming from Kafka into Iceberg, organizations can now effortlessly ingest data in real-time and enable near-real-time analytics on the data lakehouse.
  • Migration – New streamlined migration from legacy data lake formats like Apache Parquet to Apache Iceberg makes it easier for companies to transition from a traditional data lake to a modern lakehouse. The platform can seamlessly convert raw data from data lakes, data warehouses, relational databases, and NoSQL databases into Apache Iceberg, both in the cloud and on-premises, making Iceberg adoption rapid, easy, and error-free.
  • Optimization – Dremio’s advanced query acceleration technology called Reflections now allows users to achieve sub-second BI performance on Iceberg tables of any size, without managing BI extracts/imports or aggregation tables in the lakehouse/warehouse. Reflections are updated incrementally and transactionally based on the updates to the Iceberg tables, thereby drastically reducing the time and cost to update Reflections with new data.

Read the full story, via datanami.

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