CRN: 10 Coolest Big Data Tools Of 2021 (So Far)

June 30, 2021

In June data lake engine developer Dremio launched its Dremio Dart Initiative, which the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company boldly declared to be “a major step forward in obsoleting the cloud data warehouse.”

Dremio’s software provides a way to directly analyze data in data lakes—huge stores of unorganized data—without having to copy and move data into data warehouse systems. The Dart Initiative takes that to the next level by making it possible to run all mission-critical SQL workloads directly on a data lake.

The initial Dart Initiative capabilities, built into the most recent Dremio release, include faster query execution and optimal query planning, enhanced automated management of query acceleration, support for a broader range of SQL workloads, and improved distributed and real-time metadata management to support larger datasets.

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