Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022

December 15, 2021

insideBIGDATA’s annual technology predictions round-up collects insights, reflections and predictions from their vendor ecosystem for what may be coming.

The big data industry has significant inertia moving into 2022. We were very encouraged to hear such exciting perspectives. Even if only half actually come true, Big Data in the next year is destined to be quite an exciting ride.

Data warehouses are dead! Hello open data architectures – We hear it again and again: data warehouses are expensive, and costs are out of control. Newer technologies like data lakehouses will gain even more traction in 2022 because they have more to offer the enterprise than older data warehouse models that lock them in and drive up costs. Companies are more budget conscious than ever and will be reevaluating their data management systems. With a lakehouse architecture, there’s no need to ETL data from the lake into the warehouse.  In its Dec 2020 report “Market Guide for Analytics Query Accelerators”, Gartner noted that analytics query accelerators are working to “shrink the performance impact of the zone of confusion” and enable the data lake to provide sufficient optimization on the data, making it suitable for an increasing percentage of workloads. – Tomer Shiran, Founder and CPO of Dremio

Read the full article here by insideBIGDATA.

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