Datanami: A Peek at the Future of the Open Data Architecture

August 13, 2021

Datanami wrote an article, A Peek at the Future of the Open Data Architecture that covers Dremio’s involvement in Apache Iceberg, Project Nessie, Apache Arrow, Apache Parquet and so on.

A highlight from the article:

Freedom of choice is a hallmark of the open data lake architecture, Dremio CTO Tomer Shiran said during his Surface keynote address.

“You can choose the best-of-breed engine for a given workload,” Shiran said. “Not only that, but in the future, as new engines get created, you can choose those engines as well. It becomes very easy to spin up a new engine, point it at your data, your open source Parquet files or your open source Iceberg tables, and start querying and modifying that data.”

Read the full article here.

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