The role of the data curator

Jan 18, 2018

I wrote an article for Information Management about The role of the data curator, and what we can do to help make data scientists even more effective.

I touched on the growing role of a data curator within data friendly businesses:

“Data curators sit within the business, using self-service data platforms to curate data for different analytical tasks, to allocate computational resources for accelerating data analysis, to add semantic meaning to a data catalog, to accelerate high-value datasets, to blend datasets together, and to organize project areas for teams of data analysts and data scientists to work together more effectively.”

I also touched on the importance of support between all the positions in charge of managing and interpreting data:

“By working with data engineers, data custodians, data analysts, and data scientists, the data curator develops a deep understanding of how data is used by the business, and how IT applies technology to make the data available. Data curators are making data analysts and data scientists more productive by allowing them to focus on what they do best.”

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