DBTA: Tooling Up for Analytics

Sep 18, 2018

DBTA asked industry experts about emerging analytics trends that will be more likely to make an appearance in the near future and those that are becoming weaker. This great article can be read here.

We thought this was a valuable bit:

“Most Global 2000 companies have data lake initiatives underway, and many of these deployments have moved beyond exclusive use of MapReduce to use a mix of MapReduce and Apache Spark as their primary means of processing and analyzing data.

Because the data lake does not provide sufficient performance and concurrency for BI workloads, many companies move data from their data lake into a data warehouse such as Teradata on-prem, and cloud services such as Redshift and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Data-as-a-service platforms are being used with the data lake and the data warehouse to provide a uniform access layer that is capable of joining and accelerating data between the two.”

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