Gnarly Data Waves

Episode 32


September 12, 2023

Introduction to Dremio Arctic: Catalog Versioning and Iceberg Table Optimization

Join this webinar for an introduction to Dremio Arctic, a data lakehouse management service that features easy catalog versioning with data as code and automatic optimization for your Apache Iceberg tables. Learn how Arctic helps data teams deliver a consistent, accurate, and high quality view of their data to all of their data consumers with a no-copy architecture.

The data lakehouse is an architectural strategy that combines the flexibility and scalability of data lake storage with the data management, data governance, and data analytics capabilities of the data warehouse. As more organizations adopt this architecture, data teams need a way to deliver a consistent, accurate, and performant view of their data for all of their data consumers. In this session, we will share how Dremio Arctic, a data lakehouse management service:

  1. Enables easy catalog versioning using data as code, so everyone has access to consistent, accurate, and high quality data.
  2. Automatically optimizes Apache Iceberg tables, reducing management overhead and storage costs while ensuring high performance on large tables.
  3. Eliminates the need to manage and maintain multiple copies of the data for development, testing, and production.

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