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Episode 39


October 31, 2023

How To Build an Iceberg Data Lakehouse with Fivetran and Dremio

Learn how to build an Iceberg data lakehouse with Fivetran and Dremio

Organizations are struggling with the proliferation of toolings in their data infrastructure and the exponential growth of ETL pipelines are slowing down data engineers to deliver value to the business. They want to spend more time making impactful decisions and working on high value projects. Fivetran significantly reduces the amount of time spent in building ETL pipelines with their no-code approach. Dremio is the easy and open data lakehouse, providing self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility across all your data. Together, Dremio and Fivetran bring the best solution for enabling organizations to GTM faster.

In this session, you will learn

  1. What Iceberg table format is and why it matters in data lakehouses
  2. How to load source files into Iceberg tables using Fivetran
  3. How to create a unified access layer for your data with Dremio Cloud

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