3 minute read · November 21, 2019

Our Awesome Week at Tableau Conference 2019 in Las Vegas

For the third consecutive year, Dremio joined Tableau Conference (“TC19” for those in the know) as a sponsor this November. It’s rare for the Dremio team to get so much face time with the data consumers that benefit from Dremio’s lightning fast query performance and self-service semantic layer!

The conference kicked off with an opening reception that drew quite a crowd at the Dremio booth! We met a ton of new folks, and also had a ton of repeat visitors from last year..We were thrilled to reconnect and share all the progress Dremio has made since last October. We had several Big Data Analytics and Narwhal quizzes, with our champions taking home the coveted Gnarly the Narwhal hat!

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Demoing Dremio for data consumers is always exciting - their eyes truly light up when they see our SQL query performance directly against data lake storage without needing a cube or extract! (The self-service semantic layer is, of course, a nice bonus!)

Of course, it’s a team effort, and those very same data consumers rely on data engineers and architects to get things done. And we similarly had a ton of interest from (and fun conversations with)many data engineers and architects who are always looking to maximize efficiencies in their data pipeline. They were thrilled to discover Dremio’s Data Lake Engine is free to try via our Community Edition , so they could deploy it and discover the value themselves! Dremio is also powered by open source Apache Arrow and Arrow Flight (which we co-created) and our open source roots resonated a lot with these folks.

As always, this week was so great thanks to the Dremio team that spent 4 days away from the office to share the exciting things happening at Dremio! Team members from marketing, sales, and solution architecture all got to spend some quality time together - a rarity in field work, and it’s always a week of fun (after the hard work, of course!)

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Tableau Attendees - we always have a great time with you and we can’t wait to do it bigger and better next year!

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