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Introducing Domo’s Native Connector for Dremio!

Brett Roberts Brett RobertsPrincipal Solutions Architect, Dremio

Domo, the cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and data analytics platform, recently announced the launch of a new native connector for Dremio. This new connector to Dremio extends the data lakehouse to Domo, enabling Domo users to easily analyze large amounts of data from a variety of new sources without having to move or copy data. With Dremio, Domo users also enjoy self-service analytics by being able to use Dremio to directly interact with data, minimizing the need to wait for data access requests to be fulfilled or for extracts to be created.

How to get started

Domo’s native connector for Dremio supports access to Dremio Cloud and Dremio software 

Step 1: Create a Dremio Connection in Domo

Navigate to Domo and click on the “Data” icon at the top of the window.

Next, click on the “Federated” data option. 

Select the Dremio option from the “Native Integration” section.

Click “Add New Integration”

Input the following information:

  • Integration Name: <Choose a name>
  • Integration Description (Optional): <Enter description>

Then select “Dremio Cloud” and click “Next

Enter your Dremio connection information:

  • Dremio Connection URL:;token_type=personal_access_token;ssl=true;PROJECT_ID=<project_id> 

**Note** You can find your Dremio Cloud project ID in the Project Settings tab in Dremio. 

  • Personal Access Token: You can generate a PAT in Dremio Cloud. See Dremio documentation for more information.

**Note** For Dremio software connections, use your Dremio username and password to establish the connection with Domo. 

Once you have entered your information, click “Next”

Once your connection is successfully established, click “Choose Data Tables”

Search the Dremio catalog for the table you want to analyze with Domo and click “Create Datasets.”

**Note** by creating the dataset, you are creating the connection to Dremio. The data is not being moved or copied into Domo.

Once the dataset has been added to Domo, you can search for the dataset and select it for analysis.  

Now that you’ve successfully connected Domo to your Dremio data, you can begin to use Domo to analyze your data and build visualizations and dashboards!

Get started building your data lakehouse! Try Dremio Cloud on AWS today!

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