3 minute read · March 5, 2024

Announcing the First Iceberg Summit 

Tabular and Dremio have received approval from the Apache Iceberg Project Management Committee to organize the inaugural Iceberg Summit, a free-to-attend virtual event to be held May 14 - 15, 2024. Iceberg Summit is an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) sanctioned event.

Those wishing to attend can register here. Your information will only be used for event communications such as to notify you of the event agenda and details about upcoming talks.  

Why attend

Iceberg Summit will host dozens of technical talks covering real-world experiences of data practitioners and developers working with Iceberg as their table format, covering topics such as integration with various compute options, batch, streaming and CDC data pipelines into Iceberg, PyIceberg, data modeling, data governance, table optimization and maintenance, security and governance. 

"With the accelerating adoption of Apache Iceberg over the past year, the PMC felt it important to create a forum for dissemination of in-depth production experience plus foster the creation of professional connections across the Iceberg community." said Ryan Blue, Apache Iceberg PMC Chair, "Our goal is to help those who are beginning their Iceberg journey to get a head start by learning from those who came before them, and for existing practitioners to exchange ideas and best practices with their peers."

“Iceberg Summit is a great opportunity to grow our vibrant Apache Iceberg community. It’s a way to both show off Iceberg's technical advantages and also reinforce the Apache way, guaranteeing a project that’s open, inclusive, and sustainable.” said JB Onofré, Apache Software Foundation Member and Iceberg contributor. “In addition to helping newcomers start their Iceberg journey, our goal is to promote our community and its values, attracting more users and contributors.”

Call for presentations now open

The call for presentations is open as of March 5, 2024 and will remain open through April 12, 2024.  

The Iceberg Summit Selection Committee, comprising a cross-section of the Iceberg community, is looking for talks that cover one or more of the following areas:

  • Iceberg in production (case studies)
  • Data architecture 
  • Best practices
  • Iceberg technology and features
  • Thought leadership

You can submit your talk here


Initial confirmed sponsors include Tabular and Dremio.  A limited number of sponsorships are still available. To receive a prospectus please email [email protected].

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