5 minute read · June 23, 2020

Announcing Dremio 4.5

Tom Fry

Tom Fry · Senior Director Product Management, Dremio

Today we are excited to announce the release of Dremio 4.5.

Dremio 4.5 delivers new features such as a streamlined AWS Edition experience, faster metadata performance and simplified query troubleshooting. In total, this release includes 202 improvements!

A simpler AWS Marketplace experience

This release introduces several improvements in how Dremio is launched from the AWS Marketplace for the first time and when opening an existing project. Dremio AWS Edition can now be launched through a Cloud Formation Template (CFT) which automates all steps and creates the necessary objects, such as IAM roles and security groups, that are required to run Dremio in AWS. With the updated CFT-based marketplace process users can get started with Dremio in minutes without any additional configuration required, while still supporting advanced customization options when required.

In addition to an easier launch experience, Dremio 4.5 now supports the ability to stop and restart coordinator nodes in AWS Edition. When the coordinator comes up, it automatically attaches to the same project it was previously associated with. This capability is also the foundation for coordinator HA in the AWS Edition.

A brand new interface for managing Dremio projects on AWS

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New project creation has been streamlined, providing users both a new look and feel and a simplified set of options, only requiring the project name and engine size to be configured in order to start using Dremio. This enables companies to get started with Dremio in minutes without any prior or advanced knowledge of Dremio. Additionally, Dremio now supports options such as the ability to close projects from within the Dremio UI and no longer requires users to manage instances from within the AWS EC2 control console, instead enabling users to perform all key tasks from within Dremio.

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For organizations that create multiple projects, or use projects in different regions, the Dremio AWS Edition now provides clear visibility and enables users to easily identify which previously created projects are available to open and continue and what projects exist in other regions with their current status. This makes it possible to keep track of and manage many Dremio projects within an AWS account regardless of which region they reside in or how many exist.

For an in-depth discussion of the new capabilities offered with the AWS Edition please watch the AWS Edition introduction webinar held May 21st.

New Tableau connector with Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Dremio is excited to announce the availability of a new Tableau connector built using the Tableau SDK Framework that offers significant performance improvements and new capabilities. The new SDK based connector supports Single Sign-On connectivity when accessing Dremio from Tableau using User Delegation. With SSO support administrators can configure Tableau so after users log onto Tableau they can automatically connect to Dremio with no additional login or passwords required, significantly simplifying the user experience and improving security by reducing password use. The new SDK based connector also offers significant performance improvements when working with very large catalogs enabling users to quickly explore very large Dremio catalogs from within Tableau.

Additionally, Dremio is working closely with Tableau to further simplify the distribution of the new connector, so stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

MongoDB 4.0 support & 40% speedup in MongoDB push-downs

In Dremio 4.5 we’ve significantly enhanced the MongoDB connector. Dremio now leverages Mongo’s expression operator which allows Dremio to send simpler filters to Mongo and better leverage indices. With these changes, queries on Mongo typically see greater than a 40% performance improvement.

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High-performance metadata collection

Dremio is now powering some of the world’s largest data lakes, often with hundreds of thousands or millions of tables. To provide a better client experience, Dremio 4.5 includes new performance enhancements for reading metadata from Dremio when operating with massive catalogs by moving to a streaming interface that can support arbitrarily large catalogs. These queries from client applications now run in a fraction of the time.

Query lifecycle visibility

Understanding query performance throughout all phases of processing helps query tuning and aids in identifying and debugging issues. Dremio now includes detailed tracking of query processing times at each phase in the query lifecycle in job profiles plus simplified summaries in the UI to help identify and debug issues. This information provides administrators more insights into how Dremio is being used and where bottlenecks are and assists in query analysis.

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Wrapping up

We are very excited about this release and its capabilities and we hope you are too. As always, we look forward to your feedback. For a complete list of additional new features, enhancements and changes, please review the release notes, which includes information about additional new features and numerous improvements and fixes. Please post any questions on our community site and we’ll do our best to answer them there, along with other members of the Dremio community.

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