Rohan Raj

Engineering Manager, MiQ

Rojan Raj is a Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the ad-tech industry, along with the challenges and scale it brings. He is skilled at application development, and building highly scalable big data analytics platforms. Rojan is currently an Engineering Manager managing the Data Engineering and Data Processing Team at MiQ. He is a practitioner, and he loves talking about microservices, big data, Java, Scala, Kotlin, and how to build systems for scale, efficiency, and performance.

Rohan Raj's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Self Serve Reporting at Scale via Change Data Capture and Delta

Business transactions captured in relational databases are critical to understanding the state of business operations. MiQ needed the relational data for analytical purposes and reporting. To avoid disruptions to operational databases, they replicated the data via Change Data Capture (CDC)…

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