Rajesh Sampath

GM, Amazon S3 API Experience, AWS

Rajesh Sampath is the General Manager for Amazon S3 API Experience. In this role, he leads product and engineering for S3’s API systems that process more than 100 million requests per second and implement core resiliency, security, and performance features. Rajesh has held multiple leadership positions in his eight years at Amazon S3, including building and scaling some of the distributed systems at the core of S3, including powering S3 strong consistency. Prior to Amazon, Rajesh held leadership positions at Microsoft and at multiple technology consulting firms in India. Rajesh has a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and a post-graduate diploma in Business Management.

Rajesh Sampath's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Lakes and Lakehouses: The Evolution of Analytics in the Cloud with AWS

More organizations than ever before are adopting data lakes to drive business outcomes and innovate faster. As data lakes grow in size and scope, data lake architectures have evolved to balance agility, innovation and governance. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is…

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