Mark Lyons

Vice President of Product Management, Dremio

Mark Lyons is a VP of Product at Dremio. Responsible for teams driving product led growth, awareness and adoption. Prior to Dremio, Mark led the Vertica Product Management team. His expertise is in product & business strategy, go-to-marketing planning, requirement gathering, user experience design and business model development.

Mark Lyons's Articles and Resources

Blog Post

How Software AG Makes IoT Analytics Available on the Data Lake with Dremio

With billions of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) has driven a massive increase in data volume and diversity. According to a Cisco white paper from 2011, we reached the tipping point of having more connected “things” than people somewhere between the years 2008 and 2009. It’s now projected we’ll see 30.9 billion connected […]


Blog Post

How Spice AI and Dremio Are Making Data Accessible in Web3

We all know the next evolutionary phase of the internet will bring extraordinary opportunities. Web3 phenomena like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, smart contracts, and the metaverse are poised to disrupt traditional spheres from finance to entertainment – potentially ushering in a new era of decentralized ownership, free of traditional gatekeepers. These technologies are based on encrypted ledgers, […]


Blog Post

How Dremio Sonar and Arctic Bring the Lakehouse to Life

Until now, data lakes have been too difficult for most companies. Despite significant innovation in query engines and table formats to bring data warehouse performance and functionality to the data lake, companies are stuck figuring out how to build and maintain data lakes instead of deriving value from data. That’s why we built Dremio Cloud, […]

Introducing Dremio Sonar and Dremio Arctic, the two new services available on Dremio Cloud.

Blog Post

Apache Iceberg Becomes Industry Open Standard with Ecosystem Adoption

Cloud data lakes are now the go-to architecture for data storage and analytics across organizations of all types and sizes because cloud storage is scalable, easy and inexpensive. Digital experiences are ubiquitous and every company needs to make their data accessible to unlock innovation and offset competitive threats. Organizations are now able to use cloud […]

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