Marc Laforet

Senior Data Engineer, Shopify

Marc is a Senior Data Engineer on the Lakehouse team at Shopify. This team owns the storage and maintenance of data on disk comprising Shopify’s long term archive. Their mission is to make sure that datasets can be read and written in a consistent and optimized way for downstream users, developing the infrastructure and services required to do so. Marc developed a passion for data while completing a thesis in Genomics 7 years ago. Since then, he has held various roles across the data stack but is always driven by using data to do something cool.

Marc Laforet's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Rewriting History: Migrating Petabytes of Data to Apache Iceberg Using Trino

Dataset interoperability between data platform components continues to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. This difficulty often results in siloed data and frustrated users. Although open table formats like Apache Iceberg aim to break down these silos by providing a…

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