Brendan Cronin

Architect, ForceMetrics

Brendan Cronin is the Architect at ForceMetrics, a GovTech startup helping police departments more efficiently and effectively serve their communities through data. As lead engineer and a member of the founding team, he is responsible for both the Data Engineering team and Infrastructure team while also being heavily involved with Development.

Prior to ForceMetrics, Brendan’s diverse career has included experience in infrastructure, development, and information security work where he specialized in reverse engineering, “ethical” hacking, and distributed systems security automation. With as much a financial background as a technical one, Brendan is also an avid futures trader who once developed his own algorithmic trading platform.

Brendan Cronin's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Taming The Chaos: Standardizing Disparate Police Data in a Modern Multi-Tenant B2G SaaS Environment

Government agencies struggle with managing complex and proprietary on-prem data systems, resulting in inefficiencies, data silos, and limited ability to better serve their communities through data insights. Making matters worse, the lack of data standardization across thousands of agencies hinders…

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