Benny Chow

Principal Software Engineer, Dremio

Benny leads development on Dremio’s SQL query acceleration technology which is based on materialized views and algorithms for relational query tree matching and cost based optimization. He has over 20 years of experience developing business intelligence software including business analytics, data analytics and data integration technologies.

Benny Chow's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Partition and File Pruning for Dremio’s Apache Iceberg-backed Reflections

Learn how partition design can be used to improve query performance in the context of Apache Iceberg and Dremio Reflections. We will start with an overview of Dremio Reflections and how partition design plays a key role in query planning…

Blog Post

Partition and File Pruning for Dremio’s Apache Iceberg-backed Reflections

Dremio maintains physically optimized representations of source data known as Data Reflections. It can be thought of as a hybrid between materialized views and indexes. This way, Dremio’s query optimizer can accelerate a query by utilizing one or more reflections to partially or entirely satisfy a query, rather than processing the raw data in the […]


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