DBTA: Making Data Accessible: Q&A with Dremio’s Kelly Stirman

February 12, 2019

In this excellent Q&A with our CMO and VP of Strategy, Kelly Stirman, DBTA covers all the fundamentals on how a Data-as-a-Service platform is most useful and what kind of use cases it tackles.

We liked this:

“It [Data-as-a-Service] is targeted at data consumers—people who are dependent on data to do their jobs effectively. These are analysts, data scientists, users of BI tools and—if you think about it—it is a lot of people.

Data-as-a-Service applies to every company, no matter how big or small. It would be hard to find any company that would say: Oh, we have plenty of folks in IT. IT is very responsive. Everyone is short-staffed and waiting for IT to help them get their jobs done. One of the big trends over the past decade has been how lines of business have come to own the bulk of the budget because companies have realized that if IT owns the budget, things just never get done. So, data as a service applies to virtually all companies. Even for small companies, as they get larger, the proliferation of data in different systems and different fiefdoms across the business grows.”

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