Gnarly Data Waves

Episode 26


July 25, 2023

Versioning Data in the Data Lakehouse (File, Table and Catalog Versioning)

Learn about the benefits of versioning in integrating and deploying new data, and the differences between file, table and catalog versioning.

Versioning is a technique that has helped software developers to develop many practices that allow them integrate and deploy new code continuously allowing for more rapid development of software. In a world where data is being generated faster than even, the data community needs technology that allows for rapid integration and deployment of new data.

In this presentations we’ll discuss:

  1. 3 Levels of Versioning on the Data Lakehouse (File, Table and Catalog)
  2. Pros and Cons to each versioning paradigm
  3. When should you use each?

Topics Covered

Data lakehouse

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