Gnarly Data Waves

Episode 13


April 18, 2023

Making the Move: Five Factors to Consider When Migrating from Hadoop to the Data Lakehouse

Join Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy, and Tony Truong, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dremio, as they discuss the five key considerations that organizations should take into account when migrating from Hadoop to the data lakehouse.

Topics Covered

Data lakehouse

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Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer

Scottish but based in Washington State, snuggled in the hills outside Seattle with my extraordinary creative darling, my unbearably cute cat and a magnificent treehouse.

For years, I imagined and designed software products for working with data. For years, I cajoled, harangued, persuaded and begged smarter people than me to build them. I have done this in startups, at Microsoft, at Qlik Technologies, with some success thanks to those smarter people.

Now I teach workshops, mentor executives and I write, especially about innovation and strategy. I work with some of the world’s largest software companies, but also with the newest of startups. I mentor teams from Kathmandu to California, from Reykjavik to Rwanda and not just working in software: robotic surgery, fashion, shampoo, restaurants, farms …

I’d love to hear from you and you can contact me here.

Tony Truong

Tony Truong

Tony Truong is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Dremio. He has experience building go-to-market strategies that drive product adoption and solutions offerings across various industries.

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Case Study

Case Study

Dremio Supports Moonfare’s High-Performance Culture with a High-Performance Lakehouse

Moonfare replaced a PostgreSQL-based data warehouse on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a Dremio data lakehouse to offer data engineers, analysts and business users a high performance platform for business intelligence and predictive analytics empowering them to make better data-driven decisions.

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Case Study

Case Study: DB Cargo Gives Users the Green Light to All Data with Dremio

Deutsche Bahn Group (DB) is one of the world's leading mobility and logistics companies. The DB Cargo business unit manages DB's rail freight business.

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Case Study

Case Study

Case Study: Amazon Accelerates Supply Chain Decision Making with Dremio

Amazon's Supply Chain Finance Analytics team developed a new analytics architecture with Dremio to simplify ETL processes, accelerate queries, and provide analytics on a unified view of the data.

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