3 minute read · October 17, 2022

Dremio’s Partnership with dbt Labs

Jeremiah Morrow

Jeremiah Morrow · Product Marketing Director, Iceberg Lakehouse Management, Dremio

Many data teams choose to modernize their data architecture using a data lakehouse, which combines the data governance, data security, and analytic capabilities of a data warehouse with the flexibility and near-infinite scalability of the data lake. Data teams often need tools and processes to move data into the data lake, and to make that data accessible for analytics.

Today, we are excited to announce our new partner in the data transformation space, dbt Labs. dbt is essentially the “T” in Extract, Load, & Transform (ELT). dbt is a transformation workflow solution, enabling anyone who knows SQL to build production-grade data pipelines leveraging software engineering best practices.

For Dremio customers, dbt makes it easier and faster to build data pipelines. Data teams can easily and collaboratively build and deploy modular SQL code using capabilities like version control and CI/CD, automatic testing, and documentation to accelerate pipeline development. Whereas the vast majority of ETL pipelines are manual and ad hoc, and therefore difficult to manage, ELT processes with dbt enable data teams to reuse code they’ve already written instead of reinventing the wheel, accelerating the shipment of trusted data products.

For dbt users, Dremio provides the easiest solution for getting those data products into the hands of end users for ad hoc SQL queries, interactive dashboards, and reporting. Dremio’s self-service semantic layer provides a wide range of data consumers direct access to data in data lakes, data warehouses, and databases.  This unified view of data, coupled with high performance queries, and data manipulation capabilities expands what analysts are able to do on their own, while eliminating the ever expanding backlog of data access requests for data teams.

The dbt Labs partnership adds to the rapidly growing set Dremio’s data lakehouse capabilities, making it even easier for data teams to expand data access and enable self-service analytics across their organizations.

Get Started with Dremio and dbt Labs Today

To coincide with dbt Coalesce, Dremio is launching a Preview for a dbt Partner-Validated Connector. Users can quickly connect dbt and Dremio and start building data pipelines. Here is a video that shows how to connect dbt and Dremio.

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