Apache DolphinScheduler

What is Apache DolphinScheduler?

Apache DolphinScheduler is an open-source distributed workflow scheduling system that supports complex processing and analytics tasks in sectors like finance, telecommunications, and insurance. DolphinScheduler is designed to support tasks that run in Hadoop, Spark, Flink, and other mainstream big data platforms.

How Does Apache DolphinScheduler Work?

The workflow is designed to improve the efficiency of big data processing and analytics. DolphinScheduler's workflow orchestration is based on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph), which allows users to schedule, manage, and monitor tasks consistently.

The workflow of DolphinScheduler consists of three main elements: tasks, processes, and DAGs.

  • A task is a single unit of work, which can be a MapReduce job, a Spark job, a shell script, or a Python job.
  • A process is a collection of tasks that is executed sequentially or parallelly.
  • DAG is the composition of multiple processes with a specific order of execution to achieve a specific goal.

Users can set a dependency relationship between tasks in DolphinScheduler, which allows the system to manage and execute tasks accurately, ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly.

Why Apache DolphinScheduler is Important

Big data is becoming a crucial part of many businesses, and it is necessary to manage and process the data efficiently. Apache DolphinScheduler simplifies managing the workflow of big data analytics and processing, allowing businesses to manage their data more effectively. DolphinScheduler offers features like fault tolerance, high availability, different task type support, ease of usage, and a web-based user interface that caters to business needs, making it an essential tool for businesses in the big data sector.

The most important Apache DolphinScheduler use cases

Apache DolphinScheduler is an open-source workflow scheduler that has found applications in various industries.

  • Finance sector: The finance sector has significant volumes of data to be processed and analyzed regularly. DolphinScheduler provides an efficient tool to manage the data workflow for the finance industry with its fault-tolerance and high availability feature, offering high security and reliability.
  • Telecommunications sector: Telecommunications companies require processing vast amounts of data daily. DolphinScheduler offers a highly efficient solution that caters to the needs of the telecommunications sector and supports major big data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, and Flink.
  • Insurance sector: The insurance industry involves dealing with large volumes of data from customers. DolphinScheduler offers an efficient workflow management system that processes data more quickly and accurately, allowing companies to generate insights that can be used for better decision-making.

Other technologies or terms that are closely related to Apache DolphinScheduler

Apache DolphinScheduler is related to other big data technologies that enhance data processing, analytics, and management. Here are some technologies related to Apache DolphinScheduler:

  • Apache Flink: An open-source stream processing framework that processes large volumes of data in real-time, offers high throughput, and low latency.
  • Apache Hadoop: An open-source framework that facilitates the distributed storage and processing of big data using a network of commodity hardware.
  • Apache Spark: An open-source big data processing engine that processes big data workloads and supports real-time processing, batch processing, and machine learning.

Why Dremio users would be interested in Apache DolphinScheduler?

Dremio users may be interested in Apache DolphinScheduler because it is an open-source distributed workflow scheduling system that caters to the big data processing and analytics sector. DolphinScheduler supports different big data platforms, making it versatile and useful to businesses that operate in Hadoop, Spark, Flink, and other mainstream big data platforms.

However, Dremio users may be more interested in Dremio's data lakehouse technology, which offers a more comprehensive solution for data processing, analytics, and management. Dremio's data lakehouse technology enables companies to store, process, and analyze data from different data sources in real time, offering high-performance results, and a faster time to market. In contrast, Apache DolphinScheduler is designed to support workflow scheduling in big data processing only.

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