Dremio SQL Lakehouse Platform Demo with Tomer Shiran

  • Tomer ShiranFounder & Chief Product Officer, Dremio

Dremio SQL Lakehouse Platform Demo with Tomer Shiran

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DataOps: A New Methodology for Data Lakehouse Management

Simplify data lake management at scale with DataOps -- a new paradigm taking software engineering principles of source code repositories and treating your data as code.

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The Life of an Apache Iceberg Query

Apache Iceberg offers the tools for query engines to make fast and efficient query plans on your data lakehouse. In this webinar, we’ll learn how Iceberg queries play out through planning and execution.

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Analyst Report

The Establishment and Utilization of Data Lakes

Ventana Research conducted this Dynamic Insights report to determine attitudes toward, and utilization of, data lake environments. This document is based on our research and analysis of information provided by participants at organizations that we deemed qualified to take part in this Dynamic Insights report.

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