Jacopo Tagliabue

Founder, Bauplan Labs

Jacopo Tagliabue is the Bauplan Labs founder and educated in several acronyms across the globe (UNISR, SFI, MIT), he was co-founder and CTO of Tooso. Tooso was proudly serving predictions to millions of shoppers, before being acquired by Coveo (TSX:CVO).

He led Coveo’s A.I. and MLOps roadmap from scale-up to IPO, and built out Coveo Labs, an agile, applied R&D practice rooted in word-class collaborations (Stanford, Bocconi, Outerbounds, Uber, Microsoft, NVIDIA), open source and open science.

He talk *a lot*, and I’m often invited to do so by folks in industry (BBC, Walmart, Pinterest, eBay, Meta, Farfetch) and academia (SIRIP, CiE, KDD, Stanford, Harvard); He is currently an Adj. Professor of ML at NYU, which is mostly notable because it is the only job I ever had that my parents (sort of) understand.

His A.I. work has been featured several times in the general press and presented in business and academic venues (including WWW, RecSys, NAACL, as well as winning best paper at NAACL21).

In previous lives, he managed to do scienc-y things for a professional basketball team, simulate a pre-Columbian civilization and give an academic talk on videogames (among others improbable “achievements”).

Jacopo Tagliabue's Articles and Resources

Subsurface Session

Flight as a Service (FaaS) for Data Pipelines: Combining fast Python functions with Dremio through Arrow

As the lakehouse architecture drives data access, new users need support for multiple use cases and runtimes to facilitate them. Leveraging Dremio for Flight streams and Arrow tables, we explain how we built a fast, serverless Python runtime for data…

Gnarly Data Waves Episode

Building a Data Science Platform on Apache Iceberg and Nessie

Discover the future of data science and machine learning pipelines with Jacopo Tagliabue of Bauplan Labs in this webinar. Learn why modern data platforms are embracing Apache Iceberg and Nessie, and explore the transformative benefits of Nessie's git-like features for…
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