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Transform Your Analytics Workloads

Enable efficient, high performance data analytics directly on your data lake storage with Dremio. Leverage lightning-fast queries and self-service data access to power your business intelligence and data science while slashing time to value.

Accelerate Business Intelligence on Data Lake Storage

Enjoy dramatically improved speed for ad-hoc and reporting queries directly against your data lake storage—without dependence on IT or data engineering. Eliminate the need for moving data into data warehouses as you harness enterprise-grade query speed, governance and security directly on data lake storage.

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Drive Data Science on Data Lake Storage

Streamline your data engineering tasks so you’re spending more time mining data for insight and value. Seamlessly integrate with key platforms in the data science ecosystem and dive into data exploration and feature engineering without being delayed by the need to obtain, organize and prepare data.

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Modernize Data Analytics with Cloud Data Lake

Transparently modernize your data analytics infrastructure towards open cloud data lake storage, cost-efficiently and without disruption to your existing analytics workloads. Move beyond the complexity, performance limitations and higher cost of data warehouses and data marts.

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