Flexible and open

Avoid vendor lock-in, query across clouds, and keep your data in storage that you control.

No vendor lock-in

Dremio works directly with your data lake storage so that you don’t have to load the data into a proprietary data warehouse and deal with skyrocketing costs. Your data stays in its existing systems and formats so that you can always use any technology to access it without using Dremio.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Run Dremio on AWS, Azure, or on-premise. You can even query data across disparate regions or clouds. And the abstraction provided by Dremio’s semantic layer enables you to migrate data from one location to another, without impacting your analysts or data scientists.

Best-of-breed technology

With Dremio, your data can stay in data lake storage that you control. You can use Dremio alongside hundreds of other technologies that also work with data lake storage, including ETL services, data science tools and compute engines.

Apache Arrow inside

Apache Arrow, which was originally Dremio’s internal memory format, has become the industry standard for in-memory columnar analytics with millions of monthly downloads. Arrow-enabled applications realize a dramatic increase in processing and data transport speeds. The Gandiva kernel, developed at Dremio, provides 80x speedups on top of Arrow’s other innovations, and Arrow Flight provides a modern, industry-standard way to share data across distributed systems and data science tools.

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