The Cloud Imperative: Balancing Innovation and Cost Control

June 17, 2024

Organizations often struggle to manage cloud spending due to a historical focus on innovation and scale over cost, says Nik Acheson, field chief data officer at Dremio.

Cloud spending has increasingly become a complicated web that organizations struggle to untangle. Forty-nine percent of cloud-based businesses cannot manage their cloud expenses, and 44% say that at least a third of their cloud spend is wasted, according to CloudZero research. How did we get here? And what can we do to unravel the complexity?

The answer is simple. Previously, when it came to embarking on cloud strategies, there was little focus on cost. Instead, organizations were driven by the need to speed up innovation, self-service, and scale as fast as possible. This is why we are now seeing these same companies, who were early adopters, operating in variations of hybrid models and private cloud solutions through more mature partnerships. They can enjoy increased negotiating power when it comes to securing a better deal from cloud providers hungry to continue winning business, as well as enjoying heightened flexibility without fear of being locked into a single vendor. But both of these things come at a cost (literally).

Read the full article, via ITPro Today.

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