eWeek: How to Navigate the Fragmented Data Landscape on AWS

May 14, 2018

If you’re moving to the cloud, navigating the different options for managing your data can be overwhelming. eWeek wrote about How to Navigate the Fragmented Data Landscape on AWS.

We liked this observation:

“The primary end user for AWS is the software developer. But for data analytics, the typical end user is not someone who is going to write code or edit scripts. Instead, the end user for data analytics is the data consumer – users of BI and data science tools. Data consumers expect a number of key things for accessing the data: SQL as the primary interface, to work with their favorite tools; self-service features, such as a data catalog to search for datasets; the ability to define a logical model that captures the business meaning of the data; data lineage capabilities; and fast, interactive access, which is required for interactive exploration and analysis.”

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