Dremio Reduces Gap Between Data Lakes, Data Warehouses with Updated Dart Initiative

October 21, 2021

Dremio, a SQL lakehouse platform company, today marks the second delivery in their Dart Initiative, which enables customers to run mission-critical SQL workloads directly on a cloud data lake.

Dremio embarked on the Dart Initiative in June 2021 to help companies run a greater range of mission-critical BI workloads directly on a data lake, with the initial Dart Initiative release delivering faster performance and improved resource efficiency over previous Dremio versions. This subsequent Dart Initiative release introduces several more enhancements, including faster SQL expression processing compared to previous versions.

Here are some of the key innovations of Dremio Dart Initiative Fall 2021 release.

  • Scale-out Metadata Collection and Storage
  • Hardware-Optimized Query Processing
  • Expanded SQL Coverage and Data Lakehouse Support

Read the full article here by TDWI.

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