Dremio Announces Open and Forever-Free Lakehouse Platform, Dremio Cloud, In Partnership with AWS

March 2, 2022

New platform enables Git-like experience for data engineers.

Dremio, the lakehouse company, has released Dremio Cloud, a free data lakehouse platform. The company also announced the addition of two new services: Dremio Sonar, a lakehouse engine built for SQL, and Dremio Arctic, a metadata and data management service for Apache Iceberg that provides a unique Git-like experience for the lakehouse. Dremio Sonar is now generally available, and Dremio Arctic is in public preview.

Dremio Cloud is a lakehouse platform built from the ground up for SQL workloads, including mission-critical BI, according to Billy Bosworth, chief executive officer at Dremio. “In the past, companies had to weigh the pros and cons of data lakes versus data warehouses. We’ve eliminated this tradeoff by providing a frictionless and infinitely-scalable service that delivers the combined benefits of both.”

Dremio Cloud is Open and Forever-Free

With an open lakehouse architecture, unlike a cloud data warehouse, data itself takes center stage, no longer bound to specific vendor formats or systems. Companies can choose the right data processing/query engine for each use case, both today and in the future. There is no vendor lock-in with Dremio because the data is open by default, persisted in Apache Iceberg tables backed by Apache Parquet files in the company’s Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) account. Iceberg is an Apache Software Foundation project with contributors from dozens of companies including Apple, Netflix, Salesforce, and Dremio. Dremio Sonar also supports additional table and file formats, as well as the ability to query data across a variety of data sources beyond Amazon S3, providing users with maximum flexibility.

Read the full article here on TDWI.

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