Do Customers Want Open Data Platforms?

May 24, 2021

Snowflake released a blog that cast doubt on the benefits of the open data architectures. Read this article covered by Datanami on responses from the Industries including Dremio towards Snowflake’s blog on whether customer really want Open Data Platform or not.

One of the highlight from the article:

“To use Snowflake, you have to load data into Snowflake, and it’s stored internally in their cloud, in their system, in proprietary formats that you can’t access with Dremio or Databricks or Athena or with Spark or Dask or anything. You have to use Snowflake to access that data. The only functionality you’re going to get is what Snowflake is going to provide you. And you’re never going to be able to get off. Just like nobody can ever get off Teradata. You basically get locked in, and that’s it.” - Tomer Shiran, Chief Product Officer and Founder of Dremio

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