Datanami: Big Data File Formats Demystified

May 16, 2018

Big data has many formats to choose from, and knowing which is best for a given use case can be challenging. Datanami wrote about Big Data File Formats Demystified.

Alex wrote about some of the key formats, and mentions Dremio as the company behind Apache Arrow:

“Different Hadoop applications also have different affinities for the three file formats. ORC is commonly used with Apache Hive, and since Hive is essentially managed by engineers working for Hortonworks, ORC data tends to congregate in companies that run Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Presto is also affiliated with ORC files.

Similarly, Parquet is commonly used with Impala, and since Impala is a Cloudera project, it’s commonly found in companies that use Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop (CDH). Parquet is also used in Apache Drill, which is MapR‘s favored SQL-on-Hadoop solution; Arrow, the file-format championed by Dremio; and Apache Spark, everybody’s favorite big data engine that does a little of everything.”

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