Solving for GDPR: It’s about technology and human behavior

June 13, 2018

Our solutions architect Christy Haragan leads our efforts in the UK and is well versed in GDPR. She recently wrote a thoughtful piece Solving for GDPR: It’s about technology and human behavior.

One interesting quote from Christy:

“This is precisely the type of capabilities we find in Data-as-a-Service Platforms. They provide an integrated, self-service environment for the analyst to access data from any sanctioned data-source (with appropriate security restrictions in place). Data-as-a-Service Platforms do this without extracting the data, while maintaining full lineage and auditing of the prepared datasets. The datasets can be shared with a team (again in a secure fashion). And it does all of this while scaling to petabytes of data and supporting sub-second queries for complex analytical workloads.

GDPR may still be a headache, but Data-as-a-Service Platforms provide an important piece in your overall solution in order to support your analysts and data scientists.”

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