3 minute read · June 18, 2020

The Reason Why I Joined Dremio

Colleen Blake

Colleen Blake · Subsurface 2022 Host, Dremio

When Peter Drucker wrote these famous words “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, I don’t believe he meant that strategy was not important. I believe he wanted to highlight just how impactful a company’s culture can be to an organization’s success. Having the right strategy plus the right culture is a powerful combination that many CEOs strive for, but can be difficult to achieve. This is where an HR or People leader can be a valuable partner in helping a company develop the muscles to find that right combination.

I joined Dremio because of that combination: strategy plus culture eats the competition for breakfast. Dremio has positioned itself to be a key player at the intersection of analytics and the cloud, enabling both data administrators and consumers. When I interviewed with different members of the Dremio team, the excitement that each person had around Dremio’s technology and capabilities stood out consistently. The product and engineering teams have developed a modern cloud architecture that is paving the way for the next phase of growth. As one colleague put it, “Armed with this new architecture, our customers are on average getting 100X faster time to value; 10X greater efficiency; with zero copies or data movement, all wrapped with a dramatically simpler and easier experience.” Now, who wouldn’t want to be part of a team that’s helping customers get better, faster, stronger results?

As a people leader, being able to join a company as it begins to scale is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for growth while putting the company’s values and culture at its core. I saw how Dremio’s leadership has started to do this by rolling out its new operating philosophy that focuses on: People (clarity-accountability-respect, unleash potential for results); Thinking (confront brutal facts, be inquisitive, then creative); and Actions (operate with urgency, build a flywheel). These values are a guide for how we interact with each other, how we solve problems and how we get work done. I believe this cultural foundation lends itself well to how we take care of our customers, how we’re open to diversity of thought and experiences and how we develop and grow our employees.

I’m excited to partner with a CEO and leadership team who sees culture as a strategic lever to success and make good things happen for its customers and its employees. Let’s do this!

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